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Remider the store will be Closed on April 5th for Easter and will re-open on Monday the 6th at 11am 

MTG Standard Pauper every Tuesday at FOF! 3/31/15 is the first night!

Time:  6:00 pm

Fee: $2.00

Deck construction: Standard Pauper.... same rules apply as regular Type II  only difference is that all cards must be commons only!

Prize Support: If 8 or more players:

1st: 2 packs of current Type II  and 40 commons from dump boxes

2nd: 1 pack of current Type II  and 20 commons from dump boxes

3rd: 15 commons from dump boxes

4th: 10 commons from dump boxes. 

If Less than 8 players prize support will be just dump box commons except for 1st place will get 1 pack of current Type II

FYI this is currently not a sanctioned format!  Also we will be asking for deck lists from the Top 4 so that we can post it on   pdcmagic.com .




ANNE BISHOP Book Signing on April 19,2015 at 3pm here in the store.  


FNM remains Free to play! However you may opt to pay $3 for a current standard pack and you can buy an out of print pack at 20% off. The out of print pack will change monthly! For the month of April the pack is Avacyn Restored! Also each player who is signed up to play in FNM will recieve an FNM promo card. 


Casual 40K :

Tuesday evenings @ 6PM. Mini's available for players who don't have their own but would like to play. If you are interested in learning to play all you need to do is show up!  


Check out our web store of collectibles here. To waive shipping, email us at fof.net@gmail.com, then visit the store to pay for and pick up your item!

We are now selling the Kobo Arc e-reader (with color, cam, and sound), at 16gb and up starting at $199.99. 


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